How Counselling Can Help You

Are you feeling lost or stuck?
Anxious, isolated or confused?
Does life feel like it's getting on top of you?
Are you wanting to make changes but finding it difficult
to know where to start?

Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk in confidence about your feelings and problems.Sometimes it can be easier to talk with someone who isn't a member of your family or a friend.

Counselling can:
- Help you to develop personal insight and to understand yourself better
- Help you to deal with difficult feelings such as emptiness, grief and anger
- Help you to resolve relationship issues
- Enable you to make decisions
- Help you to take action

There is no doubt that this work can be difficult and demanding . The rewards for many people are in having the time and space to reflect on their life and decide what they may want to change. As your counsellor I am here to listen, understand and actively work with you towards achieving a more satisfying life.

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